As we keep on evolving, our waste evolves too. The world is suffering from various waste problems that are affecting the biosphere and most importantly, our wellbeing. Future Environmental is a provider of premier green solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that offers premium services and products in the waste management industry. Out of concern for the community, Future Environmental pushes for the continuous enhancement of environmental solutions that are aligned with the changing needs and habits of our society. We always endeavour to play vital roles in enhancing the liveability of Saudi cities, safeguarding the environment and natural resources. With advanced technologies, staggering knowledge and heightened awareness, we want to improve the standard of living whilst supporting governmental plans directed towards the enhancement of the waste management industry. We are ambitious to transfer knowledge of the most advanced global technology in the field, into Saudi Arabia. With proper solutions that handle waste properly, we strongly believe that our efforts will help in developing our thriving and sustainable Kingdom.


With an unmatchable depth of services and technology, Future Environmental aims to retrieve a safe land where opportunities can become countless. We are embedded in delivering the best practices and standards regionally and globally in order to preserve the environment. In accordance with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, Future Environmental seeks to continually grow with the changing environment.


We at Future Environmental foresee a green and sustainable future where the solutions we provide allow the communities we serve a stable and balanced lifestyle that is apt to flourish and prosper. We aim to leverage our capabilities to further become a leader in the waste management industry in Saudi Arabia,


Saudi Arabia is rich in its natural resources. Nevertheless, future generations rely on our behaviours, and for that reason we should efficiently utilize these resources and protect our environment. The influence of waste on the environment has become threatening to our survival and our way of living. By developing our waste management industry, we would be avoiding such threat.

With huge and promising plans for expansion and development ahead of us in Saudi, we have to make sure that we provide a healthy and sustainable environment that helps in achieving these goals in a proper manner where these developments do not harm us.

Considering its increasing population, variety of industries, and economic dynamics, Saudi Arabia produces large amounts of waste that only limited percentage of which is being recycled. Future Environmental comes here to bridge that gap and help in achieving ambitious government plans to increase recycling levels, create the industry, diversify economy, improve local content and enhance other manufacturing activities.

In the EU, the landfilling rate has dropped from 64% in 1995 to 24% in 2016. Sweden, is one of the most advanced countries which has developed skills in efficient and profitable waste treatments and solutions that minimize harm to the environment and, therefore to its people with a 99% waste recycling ratio. Sweden has set an example for the rest of us, and this is what we’re aiming for Saudi Arabia by introducing efficient and proven technologies tackling serious waste issues. We want to see Saudi among the first to come in mind as a leader in this front.

A key objective in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 is to enhance the liveability of Saudi cities and safeguard the environment with its natural resources. An integral step to achieve these goals is by increasing the recycled and treated waste from its current levels of not more than15% to 40% over the next few years.


It is our fiduciary to participate in achieving these esteemed goals.