Diversified portfolio of companies operating in the field of waste management that contributes to circular economy and sustainability

Our Portfolio

Rubber Future for Recycling

The Future is Here!

Rubber Future is the premier provider of tire recycling services in Saudi Arabia. It reduces the environmental impact, decreases landfills and produces more economically sound and environmentally sustainable products. Using our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, Rubber Future utilizes stripped rubber from old tires to form recycled Saudi-made secondary rubber products.


Tamkeen Water

Tamkeen Water provides solutions and consultation at the best quality by an experienced professional team in the field of water treatment. Tamkeen Water bridges the gap in the field of water treatment via integrated technical and administrative team.


Terra | Municipal Solid Waste Recycling

State of the art municipal solid waste management technology powered by Bioelektra Group. Our aim is to bring the most effective waste solutions to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as part of our endeavor to contribute to the 2030 Vision and its ambitious waste management objectives. We are pleased to take on this progressive initiative that changes the means by which municipal waste is managed in our country.

An award winning RotoSteril technology is an advanced recycling technology that processes municipal solid waste, whereby different types of municipal waste can be treated and recycled simultaneously for a sustainable and green future. No segregation of waste at the source is required including organic waste, nor does it require direct human interaction with waste.

Our ground-breaking waste management services involve sterilizing the waste through a mechanical and heat treatment process before sorting different types of materials via fully automated technologies. This process shall leave almost no waste to be landfilled while extracting reusable resources from waste including biodegradable fractions that can be used as a soil improver, green fuel or building material.